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Rosenbauer Makes HAAS Alert's Safety Cloud® Standard on Custom Fire Trucks



Collision prevention safety service sends digital alerts to motorists when responding fire trucks are nearby.

CHICAGO, APRIL 7 2020- Rosenbauer announced today that all new custom fire trucks will include a five-year subscription to HAAS Alert’s collision prevention service, Safety Cloud. The service will come as a standard safety feature at no additional cost, starting with custom fire trucks entering the manufacturing process as of July. Departments and end-customers looking to extend their subscription to a total of ten years will have the option to purchase an extended subscription through their Rosenbauer dealer. This same solution will also be available through Rosenbauer dealers for fire trucks currently in service.

Safety Cloud enables responding emergency vehicles to send real-time digital alerts to drivers, warning them in advance of emergency vehicles responding to an incident - both en-route and at the incident scene. A small device installed in the emergency vehicle sends location data to Safety Cloud, which then delivers alerts to nearby motorists through the Waze app on their mobile devices, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or compatible vehicle infotainment systems, giving them more time to safely react. Since launching more than two years ago, the Safety Cloud has processed more than 100 million driver alerts.

Dave Scharphorn, CEO of Rosenbauer Motors, said that adding Safety Cloud was an easy decision to make.  “As a company that prioritizes safety in the products we build for the fire service, including HAAS Alert’s collision prevention service at no additional charge to end customers was the right thing to do. We want our firefighters to arrive at the scene safely and be protected while responding to the emergency, and Safety Cloud adds a critical layer of additional protection to the apparatus.”

HAAS Alert CEO and founder Cory Hohs said, “Collisions involving emergency responders on our roadways continue to rise despite more lights, more sirens, and more legislation. Digital alerting is an effective solution that addresses the Distracted Driver problem head on.” According to a University of Minnesota study, digital alerting can reduce the risk of collisions with responding emergency vehicles by as much as 90%.

Rosenbauer is the world's leading manufacturer of firefighting vehicles and equipment. In North America, Rosenbauer America incorporates the international strength and innovation of a global company with top American manufacturing firms to offer a full line of custom and commercial pumpers, rescues, tankers, and aerials. For more information, please visit the company's website at

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